Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Best of 2012

2012 is one of those years that I won't forget, ever. There were so many memorable events that happened this year in my life. I started this year with so many uncertainties. Not knowing what to do with my life. I wasted my 2011 and I don't want another year to be gone to waste. I graduated last April which is one of the highlights of my year and the following month, my beloved grandpa passed away. I had a difficult time accepting this but life must go on. 2012 was one hell of  a roller coaster ride for me.

Celebrated my birthday with a blast with my friends. Tagaytay trip. Reviewed for the board exams. Watched for the very first time Iloilo Designer's Week. Got an ombre and dip-dyed my hair blue. --- Were some of the highlights of my year.

The Lord has blessed me so much this year. I'm so grateful that He has remain faithful to me all these years. I stumble and fall but the Lord has been there to pick me up and tell me, "Child get up, I will be by your side."

I took the PNLE few weeks ago that I've been looking forward to. I entrusted everything to God because He knows what's best for me. I learned so much this year and one of those is to patiently wait. God has answered my prayer that I've been praying for years already.

Gained so many friends but lost some. I am no near perfect but with God's grace I become a better person. Here's to a wonderful year ahead. Cheers!

Happy 2013!
TWF xx

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