Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hot Afternoon

It's a very afternoon and decided to wear shorts. Paired it with a lace top and of course bowler hats, a must have for summer. Tank tops come in handy not only for summer but in any season, so make sure you have a pile of them.

( Forever 21 lace top and tank top, thrifted shorts, SM Dept store sandals, SM Accessories bowler hat, Longchamp bag)

TWF xx

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Bliss

 Sunday is gotta be my favorite day of the week! I get to spend it with my fambam and of course in the house of the Lord. It’s my sister’s birthday today so we had lunch and decided to take these shots while waiting for the food. Although at first, I was kinda hesitant to post the photos because I look fat but decided otherwise. :) I looove this skater skirt but it doesn't look flattering on me since I've been gaining weight these past few weeks. I was supposed to pair it with a leotard but my flabs are everywhere. Ugh.
Sorry if I rant too much about my weight because I know the whole outfit would look better if I have lesser weight. Just Saying :) Anyways, I paired the skirt instead with a zebra print top and yessss animal prints are back! Along with the loud colors too that’s why I wore my most abused neon flats.  

(Forever 21 top, Alexia's Cloud skater skirt, Pink toes flats, SM Dept store sunnies )
Have a great week ahead!
TWF xx

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Girl with the Green Scarf

I’m a big fan of Sophie Kinsella’s Confessions of a Shopaholic and I’m in love with the main character, Rebecca Bloomwood. Every girl in this planet have that Becky Bloomwood inside of them even just a tiny bit. I’m not a shopaholic like her but of course I love fashion and I do have green scarf.  Teehee! J  It was one of those breezy and ‘not so hot not so cold’ kind of weather so I grabbed my scarf and paired it with a plain white top. I live in a tropical country so whenever this kind of weather happens, I take advantage of i ut by using scarves and cover ups. I paired it with jeans and flats although I know it would look better with tights and boots but I know everyone would stare at me like what the heck it’s freakin’ hot here. But overall, I feel so comfy.  Sometimes in fashion, it’s comfort over style. 

And because it's Love month. Spread love and happiness.

(Dash top, Jag Jeans, Parisian flats, SM Dept Store Scarf, Longchamp bag)
TWF xx

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


 Summer is fast approaching so we need to take out them bikinis, shorts, tank tops and of course summer dresses! I paired this dress with a denim vest to add to that laid back summer look and of course a hat, one of the must haves for this season. I also paired it with my black canvas shoes. I know I should've bought a more colorful pair but I’m in love with these babies! I can pair it with any outfit!

(Just G dress, thrifted denim vest, SM Dept Store hat, Keds shoes, Casio watch from
TWF xx

A day with my best friend

Haven’t blog for a long time since my trusty pink digicam has been acting up and waited for a new cam so anyways my best friend and I had lunch yesterday at Dulgie’s.  We’ve been craving for red velvet cupcakes and yesss they have the best red velvet cupcakes and oh the pastas are delish too! Check out are photos.

And of course Valentines Day is fast approaching, heart decorations everywhere. Love is in the air!

Will try to post more often. hihi :)
TWF xx

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Young Republic

Young is a community where passionate fashion makers and fashion lovers come together to discover, shop and share unique designs from all over the world. 

I came to know this site through an email they sent me. Their mission is simple, to give independent designers and emerging labels a voice and a platform to grow their brands, and to offer their trendsetting styles to the fashion-hungry followers.

Ok, I don't get paid for blogging about this site but I find their site interesting and unique. It gives the people a chance to showcase their own designs and sell them all over the world. I browsed through their site and pick out items that I like. Here are some of them.

Peplums are here to stay. They've been a trend since 2012 but not a lot of people wear them, not until the end of the year. Well, that's based on what I've seen in the little city I live in. 
Cullotes are back! Pair it wit a simple tank top or corset and you're good to go.
Printed leggings. I love this mosaic print in particular. Very artsy. 
Peplums, Assymetrical and Gathered skirts.
The aztec print on this shorts caught my eye.
Metallic Skirt. Metallics are gonna be hot pancakes this year.
Midribs paired with high-waisted skirts
  Collars, collars, collars

Visit their site, click here.

TWF xx

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Best of 2012

2012 is one of those years that I won't forget, ever. There were so many memorable events that happened this year in my life. I started this year with so many uncertainties. Not knowing what to do with my life. I wasted my 2011 and I don't want another year to be gone to waste. I graduated last April which is one of the highlights of my year and the following month, my beloved grandpa passed away. I had a difficult time accepting this but life must go on. 2012 was one hell of  a roller coaster ride for me.

Celebrated my birthday with a blast with my friends. Tagaytay trip. Reviewed for the board exams. Watched for the very first time Iloilo Designer's Week. Got an ombre and dip-dyed my hair blue. --- Were some of the highlights of my year.

The Lord has blessed me so much this year. I'm so grateful that He has remain faithful to me all these years. I stumble and fall but the Lord has been there to pick me up and tell me, "Child get up, I will be by your side."

I took the PNLE few weeks ago that I've been looking forward to. I entrusted everything to God because He knows what's best for me. I learned so much this year and one of those is to patiently wait. God has answered my prayer that I've been praying for years already.

Gained so many friends but lost some. I am no near perfect but with God's grace I become a better person. Here's to a wonderful year ahead. Cheers!

Happy 2013!
TWF xx