Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Young Republic

Young is a community where passionate fashion makers and fashion lovers come together to discover, shop and share unique designs from all over the world. 

I came to know this site through an email they sent me. Their mission is simple, to give independent designers and emerging labels a voice and a platform to grow their brands, and to offer their trendsetting styles to the fashion-hungry followers.

Ok, I don't get paid for blogging about this site but I find their site interesting and unique. It gives the people a chance to showcase their own designs and sell them all over the world. I browsed through their site and pick out items that I like. Here are some of them.

Peplums are here to stay. They've been a trend since 2012 but not a lot of people wear them, not until the end of the year. Well, that's based on what I've seen in the little city I live in. 
Cullotes are back! Pair it wit a simple tank top or corset and you're good to go.
Printed leggings. I love this mosaic print in particular. Very artsy. 
Peplums, Assymetrical and Gathered skirts.
The aztec print on this shorts caught my eye.
Metallic Skirt. Metallics are gonna be hot pancakes this year.
Midribs paired with high-waisted skirts
  Collars, collars, collars

Visit their site, click here.

TWF xx

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