Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Photo Diary / Posh Nails

Random photos that I took today. I'm not good in taking photos and I only use my trusty digicam so forgive me. 

Arm Party
Mang Cha-a, the best milK tea I've tasted so far. I'm a sucker for berries so this blueberry milk tea is definitely the bomb!
 Francesco Milano flats
 My brother gave me this on my birthday and since my nail polish is chipping off, I decided to go to Posh Nails to have my nails done. I have a manicurist who has been doing my nails since forever. She has been my mom's manicurist even before I was born. So basically, I'm not used to other people doing my nails but since I have this, I used it anyway.

 Cos neon is love. But too much neon is blah and boring and make your hands look darker so I incorporated another color, which is sky blue to tone it down a lil bit. 

TWF xx

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Birthday Girl

Aztec prints are so in nowadays. It's a colorful and fun print and definitely an eye catcher. Even from a far, it would easily catch your attention. So on my birthday, I decided to wear this aztec print top which I bought in a local bazaar. It was definitely a steal! I wanted to pair it with a bandage skirt or prolly shorts but I had review classes that day so I wore pants instead. I'm sick of wearing pants! Especially that I gained weight and I really had a hard time getting into them.  Must. Lose. Weight.
Anyways, here's what I wore.

(top from a local bazaar, pants Jag jeans, Longchamp bag, SM Dept store flats, forever21 ring, Mango watch, bracelet from Gorgeous )

TWF xx

Friday, August 24, 2012

Forever 21

It was my birthday yesterday and yes I'm already 21 boohoo! I guess I should change my bio. Lol. Anyways, I celebrated my birthday in Mango tree along with my college friends. I ruined their mini surprise since I changed the venue on the last minute. bwahahaha! They had this excuse that one of my friend's eyes are hurting so she needs to go to the pharmacy and buy eye drops and yeah I gave in to that. 

They surprised me with a minicake. Yayers!
Me and Tin
Pom and Tin

Cutie patootie cake!
Sizzling gambas
Buffalo wings. 
And their specialty, Bulalo steak. Two thumbs up!

I had a blassst! Thanks guys. Love you!

TWF xx

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Do or Dye

Been doing a lot of DIYs nowadays. May it be a tie dyed shirt or shorts or even the hair! My friend Pom made this shirt for me and she even dyed my hair blue! This was a plain oversized white shirt that I wore for my Community Health Nursing duty before. We dyed it pink and cut out the end part of the shirt and voila fringes! If you have an old shirt that you don't use anymore or a shirt with toyo or catsup stains, go ahead and dye it.

(DIY top, shorts thrifted, SM Dept Store bowler hat, Vans shoes)

Be creative. 

TWF xx

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Birthday bff!

August 21, 2012, my bestfriend's 21st birthday. I have to blog about this just to tell the world how glad and lucky I am to have her as my best friend. We've been friends for like forever. We were born on the same hospital and just 3 days apart. We were on the same nursery. So literally, we've known each other since birth. haha! Okay, that doesn't count but we've known each other since 2nd grade and we were inseparable since then. We can talk the entire day and not get tired. We talk a lot that even if the teacher gets mad we would doodle it on paper instead and sooooooooo much more. It would take me forever to type all good things about her and all that we've been through so just check out some her photos. And oh, she's a beauty queen by the way. Remember that face cos she might be the next Venus Raj!

She's beauty, brains and all that. 

Photos by: Tajen Sui

Happy birthday, Kchyrziahshayne! Thanks for being the best-est friend one could ever have!
Love you forevss!

TWF xx

I'm feeling blue

Bleached my hair a month ago and this time I dyed it blue. 
It was just a coincidence that I wore blue from head to toe. I wasn't even planning to dip-dye my hair. It was just so random that I asked my friend Pom to dye my hair. It was supposed to be green or purple but I opted for blue. What do you think? I know my hair will get damaged and all but who cares? You'll never know and see unless you try.

     (July top, shorts thrifted, Longchamp bag, SM Dept Store flats, bowler hat from SM Dept store)

Dip dye yours too. It's never too late. 
TWF xx

Monday, August 20, 2012

TWF Picks of the Week

Neons are must have for this season. Check out my picks of the week. It does look very summer-y but guess what you can wear neon all year round. It gives that extra oomph to your blah outfit.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Let's Skate!

Ok you got it wrong guys, I don't skate! We accompanied our becky friend because he has this photo shoot for a certain contest he's joining for the upcoming intrams. The location was at a skate park. I wanted to wear shorts since I wear jeans for 5 effin' days but I have bruises and scratches all over my legs. I don't know where these shits came from, so I wore jeans instead. Never been to a skate park before. Not even interested to any skate-related activities except prolly of the outfit the guys wear e.g Vans, RVCA and the like. But when an English speaking guy approached us and offered my friend some skateboarding lessons, we went like whoah that dude was epic! He's freakin good at it! We watched him and our jaws literally dropped! I wanted to try skateboarding for myself too! But the equation is: Skateboarding = Risking your life. You don't need to bring an extra shirt or towel when you skate, you need an extra life and I mean it. After seeing those guys, oh boy it seems that they have been doing it since birth. Enough of the ramblings, check out our photos. 

Pom and her skateboard

How do you find Jasper's outfit?
Jenifacer, very eager to learn.

Hmm.. How bout  I try this?
TWF xx