Friday, August 3, 2012

Meeting top blogger Laureen Uy

I was randomly scanning tweets last night when Laureen Uy tweeted that she's coming over to Iloilo. I was ecstatic and so is my friend, Pom! We are dying to meet her! I'm not into this whole local celeb shitcrays but  the fan girl in me automatically turns on when it comes to blogger and fashion people. We were having lunch in school when Laureen tweeted that she's having lunch at Ponsyon, a famous local resto in Iloilo. We literally jumped off our seats and rushed to Plazuela to see her! We were all sweaty when we got there and passed by Ponsyon but there was no sign of her so we proceeded to the comfort room to freshen up and went back to Ponsyon just in time to see her going out of the door. We called her several times but she didn't quite hear us at first cos she was busy talking to her best friend. Then she turned around we said Hi and asked her if we could have a photo with her and of course she said yes. She was so kind and pretty! FAN GIRL MODE. Gaaah! 

With Laureen Uy

Pom with Laureen

This how a blogger works. Don't you just adore those neon footsies?

BTS: Break my Style

Telling her bestfriend and co owner of Stylebreak, Katrina Loring to take a photo of her shoes. "Shoes lang ha?"

Fun fun fun day!!!
TWF xx

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