Saturday, August 11, 2012

Let's Skate!

Ok you got it wrong guys, I don't skate! We accompanied our becky friend because he has this photo shoot for a certain contest he's joining for the upcoming intrams. The location was at a skate park. I wanted to wear shorts since I wear jeans for 5 effin' days but I have bruises and scratches all over my legs. I don't know where these shits came from, so I wore jeans instead. Never been to a skate park before. Not even interested to any skate-related activities except prolly of the outfit the guys wear e.g Vans, RVCA and the like. But when an English speaking guy approached us and offered my friend some skateboarding lessons, we went like whoah that dude was epic! He's freakin good at it! We watched him and our jaws literally dropped! I wanted to try skateboarding for myself too! But the equation is: Skateboarding = Risking your life. You don't need to bring an extra shirt or towel when you skate, you need an extra life and I mean it. After seeing those guys, oh boy it seems that they have been doing it since birth. Enough of the ramblings, check out our photos. 

Pom and her skateboard

How do you find Jasper's outfit?
Jenifacer, very eager to learn.

Hmm.. How bout  I try this?
TWF xx

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