Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Photo Diary / Posh Nails

Random photos that I took today. I'm not good in taking photos and I only use my trusty digicam so forgive me. 

Arm Party
Mang Cha-a, the best milK tea I've tasted so far. I'm a sucker for berries so this blueberry milk tea is definitely the bomb!
 Francesco Milano flats
 My brother gave me this on my birthday and since my nail polish is chipping off, I decided to go to Posh Nails to have my nails done. I have a manicurist who has been doing my nails since forever. She has been my mom's manicurist even before I was born. So basically, I'm not used to other people doing my nails but since I have this, I used it anyway.

 Cos neon is love. But too much neon is blah and boring and make your hands look darker so I incorporated another color, which is sky blue to tone it down a lil bit. 

TWF xx

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