Monday, September 17, 2012


One day it's rainy, the next day it's sunny again! The weather nowadays is unpredictable and I find it difficult to choose what to wear. I remembered 2 months ago when it was raining nonstop for two weeks and I wore an oversized football jacket over a racer back top then all of a sudden Mr. Sun showed up and I got no choice but to wear the jacket the entire day cos my top is too revealing and very inappropriate for school. It was a major fashion boo-boo but oh well I learned my lesson, I wear clothes now that would go in any kind of weather just like this outfit. It's a cloudy day so this outfit is perfect, easy breezy top paired with shorts, very easy to move around although I don't recommend wearing wedges on a normal day, this is mainly for blogging purposes. Teehee! :p

(Pomelo Lifestyle top, SM Dept store shorts, SM Dept Store bowler hat, Bubbles necklace, Carpisa bag, People are People wedges)

TWF xx

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