Friday, September 7, 2012


Hey dolls! How was your week? Mine? One word. MINDFUCKED. We had our comprehensive exams on both Medical-Surgical and Psychiatric Nursing. I was eenie meenie-ing some of the questions. Gaaah I knowww I must study more often and lessen time spent on sleeping.
I had no outfit shots for this week coz my photographer slash classmate had a completion duty. 
Anyways, I wanted to post this for a long time. This was taken few months ago and I kinda forgot to post em. So we had this photo shoot and no it's not some serious shoot, it was mainly for fun. This is my friend Estelle and she did my make up by the way and oh boy she's good at it. Our concept was laid back so we decided to wear high waist shorts and a sexy top,very 90s indeed. We don't want to show too much skin so we wore cover ups. This was shot on the rooftop and it was pretty scary. Imagine wearing this sky high wedges on the rooftop with nothing to hold on to but just rely on your balancing skills?! But it was all worth it! 

Meet our photographer, Pol. He's no pro but he surely takes good photos and he styled us by the way. 

Til our next shoot
TWF xx

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